The Art of Big Sur


The rugged beauty of Big Sur captures the imagination of everyone who experiences it, so naturally, the area has long been synonymous with cultural influencers and forward thinkers — the dramatic setting serves as a wellspring of inspiration for artists of every kind.

The Glass House Gallery at Ventana Big Sur is proud to showcase works of art that were inspired by or produced along the Central Coast, including paintings, sculptures, jewelry, ceramics and photography by some of the most renowned artists in the region.

Whether you're admiring a plein air painting that captures the coastline at dusk or a sculpture made from reclaimed coastal redwood, our gallery is beyond inspiring. It also presents a unique opportunity to take a piece of Big Sur home with you — or the chance to host a unique and memorable event on a private terrace overlooking the Pacific.

Chelsea Belle Davey


Joe Adams
Sibyl Johnson
Howard Jones

Art Catalog

Margaret Rose
Carolyn Kleefeld