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relaxation and rejuvenation await

Spa Alila at Ventana is a refuge for your senses, a safe haven to surrender the stresses and concerns of daily life.

Start your journey with a hot cup of organic tea or cool, fruit-infused filtered water before you enter the world of Spa Alila — where relaxation and rejuvenation await. Soon, you will experience the natural healing that is Big Sur, combined with intuitive traditions from Indonesia and holistic traditions from Europe. Welcome to Spa Alila. Namaste.

Treatment of the Month

Envelope yourself in a warm layer of cacao & coconut. While wrapped in a warm cocoon allow yourself to relax with a head neck and scalp treatment. A soothing cocoa & honey oil application will be the perfect finish to this signature treatment. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate to conclude this head-to-toe service. 80 minutes


facial treatments are customized for men and women based on the needs of your skin.



A true-grit purifying treatment, customized for all skin types. Includes an exfoliating organic peel to renew the skin, a lymphatic massage to promote circulation and a mask to balance and nourish. The experience is completed with a heated hand treatment.

50 minutes  | 80 minutes 

Extractions and a foot massage are included in the longer treatment for maximum results.


This results-oriented treatment is customized to address specific skin conditions, including premature aging, sun exposure and hyper-pigmentation, sensitivity, oily skin and dehydration. It treats and corrects skin concerns with an organic exfoliation and mask chosen for your needs, along with massaging of hands, shoulders, neck and scalp.

50 minutes  | 80 minutes 


Rescue your skin from signs of aging caused by exposure to daily environmental stressors such as pollution, free radicals and UV rays. Ingredients deeply rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids contribute to a more youthful, healthy-looking appearance while strengthening the natural skin barrier. Combined with age-renewing red-light therapy, your skin’s natural wellness and radiance is restored.

50 minutes  | 80 minutes 

Extractions and a foot massage are included in the longer treatment for maximum results.



Relax. Dreams of lavender fields kissed by the sun envelop your senses as you drift on waves of blue. Breathe deep; inhale the calming and balancing benefits of wild lavender in this completely balancing and rejuvenating spa experience. To begin, minerals are combined with lavender’s healing properties in an invigorating full-body exfoliation. Next is a pampering back, neck and shoulder massage with lavender oil and warm healing stones. Finally, nourish and relax inside a warm cocoon while a luxurious foot and pressure-point scalp massage complete this head-to-toe service.

80 minutes 


Illuminate your body from head to toe with this detoxifying treatment. The multi-active experience incorporates the exfoliating essences of Javanese coffee, fruit enzymes and multi-fruit acids to refine texture, soften and brighten the skin. Organic coffee extract, blended with shea butter, is invigoratingly massaged into the body with luxurious strokes.

80 minutes 


Balinese lulur is an ancient village remedy originating from the rice farmers of Bali. Handed down through generations, it is recognized as a traditional medicine, believed to warm the body, relieve aching joints and help treat skin problems. Herbs of sandalwood, fennel seed, star anise, eaglewood and fenugreek create this powerful healing remedy. The treatment incorporates a 60-minute traditional Balinese massage and a lulur body scrub; while cocooned in a skin-softening body mask, a rejuvenating and a brightening mini-facial finishes your Balinese sensory experience.

100 minutes



The herbal poultice massage is a medicinal muscle treatment that incorporates both hands-on massage and the therapeutic value of a warm herbal compress. Organic and wild-crafted herbs of eucalyptus, lavender, pine, sage and arnica are used to capture the essence of the healing nature surrounding Big Sur, while providing soothing aromatherapy and deep muscle release.

80 minutes  | 100 minutes 

*available in couples suite


Experience nature’s therapeutic basalt and jade stones, integrated with massage, to readily open taut muscles, relieve joint pain and melt tension with this deeply relaxing treatment.

80 minutes  | 100 minutes 

*available in couples suite


Feel tension dissolve with this ancient and traditional Balinese healing therapy that combines gentle stretching, long therapeutic strokes and skin rolling to relieve muscle pain. Palm and thumb pressure techniques also are applied to unravel the deepest stress and improve blood flow.

50 minutes  | 80 minutes  | 100 minutes 



A soft, healing touch with medium pressure, combined with energy work that include Reiki, Chakra Balancing or other energy modalities, allows for a relaxing massage that re-energizes your flow.

50 minutes  | 80 minutes  | 100 minutes 

*available in couples suite


A traditional Swedish treatment with medium to deeper pressure, offering a blend of synergized massage modalities for your individual needs. Combined with stretches, this allows for a relaxing experience with deeper release where needed.

50 minutes  | 80 minutes  | 100 minutes 

*available in couples suite


This deep-tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle, using slower, intent strokes, direct-pressure-point, range-of-motion and friction techniques to energize and release tension.

50 minutes  | 80 minutes  | 100 minutes 

*available in couples suite


Designed not only for moms-to-be, but also during post-natal care. Our body-support pillows used along with pre/post-natal pillows provide the utmost comfort. Only the most pregnancy-safe oil blends are used in combination with specialized massage techniques to relieve and release muscle tension, fatigue and stress.

50 minutes  | 80 minutes 

*available in couples suite


Big Sur is a place of healing energy, and reflexology is based on the principle that this energy flows freely around the body when we are in good health — and that there are reflex areas on the feet that correspond to every part of the body. Sit back and relax as your therapist applies varying degrees of pressure to specific points on the feet to unblock energy flow and promote the body’s natural healing from within. This treatment focuses on the feet, hands, and scalp, creating a deeply restorative therapy.

50 minutes 

*available in couples suite


A gentle, yet highly effective stress-relief therapy that focuses on the central nervous system through light pressure and movement from the scalp along the spinal column down to the sacrum.

50 minutes

*available in couples suite


Gentle, rhythmic rocking, pressure and stretching balances the flow of Qi energy throughout the body, improving flexibility and relieving muscle tension. This therapy uses no oil and is performed fully clothed on a spa table.

50 minutes | 80 minutes

*available in couples suite


Enjoyed in the privacy of your guestroom, this gentle, rhythmic rocking, pressure and stretching treatment balances the flow of Qi energy throughout the body, improving flexibility and relieving muscle tension. This therapy uses no oil and is performed fully clothed on Thai floor mats. Please note: Available in-suite only; a reservation 3-5 days in advance typically is required.

90 minutes 


Let the healing come to you — enjoy your massage in the privacy of your luxurious resort guestroom. Please contact Spa Alila for availability and treatments eligible for this option.

60 minutes  | 90 minutes  | 120 minutes 



This romantic interlude begins with a customized bath for two, followed by a Ventana Fusion Massage on our side-by-side massage tables. Your  hand-crafted Big Sur gift is to remind you of your time spent together at Ventana Big Sur and Spa Alila.

80 minutes | 100 minutes


This side-by-side therapeutic herbal treatment is the perfect combination of romance and health. A soothing soak for two in our Jacuzzi tub starts this journey, preparing your muscles for deep relaxation with an herbal compress and therapeutic massage. Your hand-crafted Big Sur gift  will help you share the healthful benefits long after your visit.

100 minutes 


Please note: A reservation 3-5 days in advance typically is required for all private sessions.
Musical accompaniment can be arranged for any private class for additional $175.



Create a new beginning, or enhance your current body program, with a private yoga, tai chi, qi gong or meditation class. Available in a group or an individual format.

60 minutes $155 | 90 minutes $235

Musical acoustic accompaniment can be arranged for private yoga or meditation; rate $175.

Rates shown are for one to two people; please inquire for group information.


Watch your inner landscape unfold in brilliant colors while discovering your spirit guides, animal spirits and soul mates as Sofanya paints your essence through your unique color patterns. View a portfolio of previous work in the spa relaxation area.

Single 90 minutes $295 | Couple 90 minutes $350


Since ancient times, astrology readings have explored one’s birth chart to define the essential stages of life’s journey. Readings bring clarity to areas of conflict, emphasizing one’s strengths and providing tools for managing life in new and creative ways.

Single 90 minutes $295 | Couple 90 minutes $350

*Please provide your birth information (date, time and place of birth) to the spa at time of booking before the appointed session.


Spa Alila is proud to provide you with eco-lux products crafted by passionate local artisans. We are committed to the holistic and organic approach for treatments and products alike, and are supported by organic skin and body care from ARCONA Los Angeles, Laurel Whole Plant Organics, Java Coffee-Infused Skin Care and Body Bliss.

Arrival: We invite all spa guests to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their treatment to allow time for the arrival experience and to comfortably change. Please wear your robe from your Ventana Big Sur guestroom, and consider leaving any valuables or personal items in your room for safety. Please note that late arrivals may result in shortened treatments, out of respect for other guests' time.

Appointments, cancellation or appointment changes: We encourage reservations for spa treatments be confirmed in advance of arrival. A credit card is required to reserve all spa appointments. A 24-hour notice prior to a cancellation or change is required to avoid a 50% fee.

Gratuities: For your convenience, gratuities are provided to spa staff through a 20% service charge added to your treatment total.

Spa Alila and Ventana Big Sur mail orders: All Spa Alila boutique items are available for U.S. and international shipping.

Groups and events: For groups, parties or corporate events, please contact the spa manager directly to craft your unique experience.

Menu prices are subject to change without notice. Spa hours change seasonally. Spa Alila exclusively serves resort guests 18 years of age or older by appointment only.


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