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Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Preserving Big Sur's Iconic Landscape

We are proud of the inspiring setting we’ve created at Ventana Big Sur, but we also realize Big Sur is far bigger than us — that’s why we are very proactive in preserving this iconic landscape. For Ventana, “sustainability” isn’t merely a buzzword; it’s a way of life. From property-wide recycling programs and low-flow faucets to the use of native landscaping elements, we are committed to being the epitome of an eco-friendly California resort.

Ventana Big Sur’s green-friendly initiatives and policies:

  • We have an extensive property-wide recycling program for paper, newspaper, cardboard, cans, glass, aluminum, plastic, fluorescent bulbs, dry cell batteries, small amounts of copper and brass, waste oil, paints, solvents, ink cartridges and unneeded office equipment.
  • Styrofoam is not used anywhere on the property.
  • Ventana maintains membership in the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, and adheres to guidelines on buying and serving seafood from sustainable sources.
  • Whenever possible, The Sur House serves local, sustainably sourced organic vegetables, fruit, seafood and meat.
  • We provide guests with complimentary reusable water bottles to reduce the use of plastic; refilling stations are located around the property.
  • Ventana provides on-property housing for more than 40 employees, helping to reduce traffic and vehicle emissions.
  • We use fair-trade organic coffees and teas.
  • All marketing and in-room materials are printed on recycled paper, and we strive to use soy-based inks whenever possible.
  • The cleaning products used throughout the resort are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Select furniture is made from reclaimed wood from the Ventana property and surrounding area.
  • Packing materials are reused for shipping.
  • We have three electric-vehicle charging stations for our guests utilizing environmentally friendly plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles.
  • We have eight Tesla superchargers and two regular chargers.
  • Wastewater is recycled in a geo-flow subterranean drip system.
  • Our public bathroom faucets are low-water consumption.
  • Guestrooms feature 1.6-gallon-per-flush toilets (low water consumption).
  • The Sur House features waterless urinals.
  • LED lighting and exit signs provide improved energy efficiency.
  • Guestroom towels have a daily voluntary reuse option.
  • The resort’s laundry system provides reusable bags for dirty and clean linens.
  • Old terrycloth and linens are recycled for use as rags.
  • HVAC systems use smart-room technology.
  • All HVAC/refrigeration fluids are reclaimed, reused and recycled.
  • Cooking grease is reclaimed and recycled.
  • Grease-trap grease is reclaimed and recycled quarterly.
  • All nonessential equipment is turned off when not in use.
  • Much of Ventana’s landscaping is drought-tolerant and/or native species.
  • Irrigation uses 100% recycled water, and is turned off during periods of rain or cold.
  • Plant waste is chipped, mulched and returned to the earth.

Important notes on drone usage

Drones can impact the enjoyment of others in Big Sur, not to mention the effects they may have on wildlife. Before using one, please note that federal and state agencies have a variety of regulations:

  • Flying a drone over the ocean in or near Big Sur is prohibited.
  • State parks prohibit drones within wilderness areas, cultural preserves, and natural preserves. Several National Forest Service areas are off-limits as well. Always check the designation of the area to verify that you are allowed to operate your drone there.
  • If you intend to fly a drone over private property, or the property of government agencies, be sure to secure permission from the landowner first.

You can find more information about the responsible use of drones in Big Sur at

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